Welcome to Dwayne Foster ALive

Welcome to Dwayne Foster ALive

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Dwayne C. Foster, Ph.D. also referred to as "Dr. D." is a fun guy and one who has an arsenal of knowledge to share and a heart that drives him to help others.  

He was a high school drop out and was not a good student. He went on to be nominated for appointment to West Point Military Academy. He has received three degrees: A B.A. in Business, and master's in christian education and a Ph.D. in Pyschology Education as well as being a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, teacher and Coach. Certified Human behavior Consultant.  

He joined the Arkansas Army National Guard and became an infantry man. He received his training at Ft. Benning in Georgia.

He went on to become a professional wrestler beating the odds to complete the training and enter the ring on television. Before leaving wrestling he wrestled the World Heavyweight Champion in Dallas, Texas,

He is currently the president & CEO of Stinson Press a printing and publishing company located in Missouri, mid-way between st. Louis and Memphis. 

The team will be adding videos to You Tube very soon. Just stay tuned for our webmaster to add photos and videos soon. 

You can contact Mr. Foster directly at foster@mycitycable.com and he will answer you back in person. 

Thank you for visiting this site and we hope to get to see you soon. 



Conferences & Worshops

"Dr. D" Dwayne Foster is a Ph.D. but has worked closely with doctors for a number of years working in the Emergency room. He also worked on Advanced Care Life Support EMS units as well as basic. 

What he can do for you: Dr. D has been speaking and training for years and continues to be school and training to make him even a better professional in his field.  

I want to help businesses do better, people to like their jobs better, to get along with their family better and to understand themselves better through two different seminars that I teach: 1. Customer Service in a disconnected world, and 2. Personality Traits made easy. 

Please contact us for samples and with any questions that you might have. Send them to foster@mycitycable.com. The only time you will ever have a slow return email is if Dr. D is out of the country or in a location where he does not have internet access.  


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Here is what you get:

1. Dr. D has a background in the military. 

2. Professional sports

3. The medical field as an EMT working out of the ER and on Advanced Care Life support Units.

4. A person who has had seven pulmonary embolisms and lived to live another day. One caused cardiac arrest, the doctor got him back and had him flown to Memphis to the care of a specialist.

5. He has authored books on customer service and on economics. 

6. He has spoken to small and large audiences alike. 

7. He goes out of his way to make your staff know that they are important and to help them better themselves and the company. 

8. He is dependable and has left the agency he was with, to start his own business with his wife Belinda.

9. He is also President & CEO of Stinson Press, Inc. a 50 year old company in Missouri. 

10. He is married to wife Belinda. They have a daughter Nicole who she and her husband live in Paris and they have a son who is a toddler. That Means Dr. d is a grandpa too. They have two dogs, a lab named Tripp, and a Shepherd mix named Bear. 

11. He has degrees in business, education and psychology. He is a PhD, he is not an M.D. or a D.O.   

12. Email Dr. D. Now to get a reply to your proposed date and needs. 

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